The Best Mental Health Resources for You

The Best Mental Health Resources for You

You don't have to face behavioral health conditions or stressful events alone. Resources and programs are available to support you and your loved ones throughout the journey. Taking the first step may feel challenging, as it requires vulnerability to reach out and ask for help. But take comfort and find courage in knowing that personalized mental health advocates are here for you.

Overcome Hurdles Interfering with Goals

Are you familiar with the following quote? 

"A goal without a plan is just a wish." – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

The brain, an intricate and powerful organ, controls our thoughts, memories, emotions, and sensations. It is a remarkable asset, and wasting its potential would be a significant loss. For over 50 years, the UNCF slogan has reminded us of the importance of harnessing our mental capacities to accomplish our life's ambitions.

As we pursue our goals, we inevitably encounter ups and downs along the way. These hurdles can be overcome by drawing inspiration from positive quotes and affirmations. However, the real game-changer lies in developing a well-crafted plan with the support and guidance of others. By recording our daily successes and areas for improvement, we cultivate mindfulness and significantly increase our chances of achieving victory.

As we prioritize our mental health, it becomes crucial to grant ourselves grace and prepare for the inevitable challenges that may arise. With a dedicated health coach by your side, you gain access to a safe haven where you can navigate and overcome obstacles, turning your aspirations into reality.

Connect to Helpful Community and Online Resources

There are a lot of quick, easy, and private resources to help improve your mental health. As millions of people bring awareness to their mental health concerns, such as anxiety and depression, it is more important to ensure that resources are available to help. Aside from Beyond The Barr, here are six additional free personalized mental health resources that may assist you with stressanxiety, and depression.

  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention– This is a great agency. The CDC has a list of tips to help you cope with stress. These tips range from mental and physical health to community and faith-based agencies.
  2. Headspace– A free meditation trial app with links to many articles on sleep, movement, healthy living, stress, and anxiety. This popular meditation app was highly used during the pandemic and had a complete listing of free resources to help guide you through stressful times.
  3. 10 Percent Happier– The ten-percenter app offers a 7-day free trial that teaches you how to meditate with world-renowned teachers. It has a catalog of 500+ video courses on meditation. The app is guided and practical with its teachings.
  4. Crisis Counselor– We have the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 988. Moreover, the Crisis Counselor is also focused on immediate support. It is a 24-hour access line with trained crisis counselors at the tip of your phone. The volunteers are trained non-medical professionals available for anyone needing help dealing with intense emotional pain.
  5. Daily Calm Calendar– This is a very convenient way to bring your mental awareness to the forefront using your device, app, or printable PDF. Bite-size tips that keep you grounded and bring mindfulness into your life are available with the Daily Calm Calendar. Use it as wallpaper for your computer or tablet, or link it to your calendar as a daily agenda.
  6. InsightTimer– This free app caters to a wide range of religious traditions. From Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism to Kabbalah, one can experience an extensive audio library of meditations, talks, and spiritual music on InsightTimer. There is content that helps with headaches and sleep as well. With even more convenience, you can search for programs targeting stress, anxiety, grief, and parenting.

Become Your Advocate

Let's be honest; mental health awareness and self-care can be complicated. With numerous systems, laws, and regulations in place, finding the best practices and resources to address our struggles can be overwhelming. However, there is hope. Self-advocacy is a guiding light, empowering you to prioritize your needs through self-reflection and self-awareness. At Beyond The Barr, we embody this approach, encouraging you to gather the strength to create a personalized plan for improving your mental health.

Best Practices for Self-Advocacy

The benefits of self-advocacy are abundant! The National Alliance on Mental Illness research concludes that embracing self-advocacy will affect our lives positively. Here are some ways to practice self-advocacy on your own.

     Remain assertive. It is okay to be vulnerable and express what you need. This fosters a type of respect that is positive and healing. Avoid being passive or combative with your feelings. Embrace your feelings with love.

     Practice self-careSelf-care is more than just a manicure or facial. It is about valuing your body, mind, and spirit. Exercising often, eating nutritious meals, and maintaining healthy relationships with others are precursors to practicing good self-care.

     Know your options. You must ensure you get what you need from your Lifestyle and Wellness Consultant, doctor, or therapist. Don't be passive about your thoughts and needs. Ensure your safety, time, and money by sharing your preferences. Doing so creates a safe space of trust and accountability.

At Beyond The Barr, we provide a variety of personalized plans that incorporate short-term goal guidance, empowering you with the resources necessary to attain a state of enhanced well-being and happiness.

Beyond The Barr is committed to helping you redefine your peak – naturally. We empower individuals worldwide to embrace optimal well-being through quality supplements, personalized health coaching, and innovative workplace enrichment solutions.

Getting what you need daily by eating the best foods will help you stay healthy. Consider supplementation if you struggle to add beneficial foods to your meal regime. Our products are sourced to include more than the daily recommended value for vitamins, minerals, and more.

Beyond The Barr blog or newsletter does not indicate we are holding ourselves to be your doctor/physician, nurse, physician's assistant, licensed therapist, or medical provider. We are not psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, or social workers. We provide access to a licensed therapist through our Global Health Village.

About the Author

Alex Barr is the founder of Beyond The Barr, LLC. He is a Certified Human Resources Professional, Lifestyle & Wellness Consultant, and Lecturer. Alex developed the fusion of lifestyle consultations grounded in anti-inflammatory eating to help people reduce ailments, restore health, and rejuvenate the body.

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