Achieving Better Health, Together

Beyond the Barr empowers you to take ownership of your health. Through one-of-a-kind health coaching we help people create manageable health goals & unlock their healing potential.

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  • Free 20-Minute Session: Jumpstart Your Wellness

    This complimentary coaching session allows us to meet and discover if I am the right Health and Wellness Coach for you. Our conversation will be fun, impactful, and burden-free. We are simply meeting to discuss what you desire and what reasonable health goals look like.

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  • One-Time Session: Health & Wellness Tap-In

    Unlock your full potential with our one-time health coaching session! Whether it's an ongoing health concern or supplement advice you need, we're here. We will discuss your health goals and answer your questions. Ready to thrive in one session? Let's begin!

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  • Monthly Sessions: Empower Your Health

    Discover the heights of your capabilities with our monthly subscription offering. You deserve a consistent check-in partner for your overall well-being. We'll tackle your health goals, navigate life events, and craft strategies for a vibrant lifestyle. Ready to thrive together?

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  • 6-Sessions Package: Redefine Your Peak in 90 Days

    Transform your health and vitality! Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to energy, embrace sustainable weight management, enjoy restful sleep, prioritize mental wellness, and overcome long-term health challenges. Discover a vibrant life tailored just for you!

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