10 Essential Tips for a Healthy Heart

10 Essential Tips for a Healthy Heart

Our heart is a mighty muscle performing functions that are critical to our body. Every second, our heart pumps 70 milliliters of blood throughout the body. This measurement is called cardiac output. According to Matt Smith of WebMD, our doctors use this measurement to see if we have heart problems or to check treatment. We need this number to have a standard output because blood carries oxygen and nutrients to our cells. Keep in mind that every person is different. Depending on your size, the adult heart can take about 5 liters of blood per minute throughout the body. This amount increases during exercise. Although there are many ways for your doctor to measure your heart's performance, cardiac output is the primary method.

You may wonder what you can do to not take your heart for granted and care for it as you should. There are a lot of things we can do to take care of our cardiovascular health. We can live a long and healthy life by assessing our overall health and doing everything possible to improve it. We will cover ways to improve cardiovascular health through exercise, food, and supplements

How Do You Know If Your Heart Is In Good Shape?

A strong heart will allow you to enjoy a long, active, healthy life. How do we know if we have a strong heart? Here are some simple ways to measure your heart health.

  1. Work with your doctor to determine your resting heart rate. Most physicians prefer it to be in the 50-70 BPM range.
  2. Keep track of your blood pressure. Good blood pressure is around 120/80.
  3. Ask your doctor to check your cholesterol during your annual physical. Your cholesterol should be under 200. The LDL "bad cholesterol" level should be under 100, and HDL "good cholesterol" over 60. Knowing these numbers will prevent buildup in your arteries and ensure better circulation.
  4. A generally good energy level shows your heart is in good shape. A healthy heart pumps oxygen-filled blood and nutrients to your body. You should check your general sense of energy if you constantly feel fatigued.
  5. Are you recovering quickly after exercising? Ideally, you want your heart rate to drop about 20 BPM after 1 minute of recovery time post-exercise. Signs of a healthy heart can bounce back after a good workout.
  6. Consult with your doctor to monitor your blood sugar. Good heart health is dependent on healthy blood sugar levels.
  7. Eat a healthy diet. Nuts like almonds and walnuts are very good for your heart. Fruits and vegetables in different colors like red, orange, yellow, and green are packed with nutrients for excellent digestion and heart health.
  8. Get cardiovascular health exercises like swimming, walking, cycling, yoga, and resistance training. Regular cardiovascular exercise several times a week for at least 30 minutes will significantly decrease your risk of heart disease. 
  9. Quit smoking and drinking in moderation. The Texas Heart Institute noted that smoking is known to cause heart disease because it tightens arteries and causes irregular heart rhythms. This can be a primary cause of high blood pressure. So cut the habit and free your heart from the extra stress!
  10. Take a potent cardiovascular health supplement that supports heart health and higher blood flow by promoting circulation and improving your next doctor's visit.

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Hidden Risks With Heart Disease?

You can go far and beyond to improve your cardiovascular health. Implementing the steps above would be a great starting point. The tips above are the same for the rest of your bodily systems: eat a well-balanced diet, exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes a day, keep your stress levels down, get plenty of sleep, avoid smoking, don't go overboard with your sugar intake, fat or alcohol, etc. At Beyond The Barr, good heart health is a year-round topic. With a healthy diet, quality supplements, and exercise, you can make simple choices to look out for your heart health.

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What Can We Eat For A Healthy Heart?

The Mayo Clinic compiled a heart-healthy diet protocol that is comprehensive in its approach. Because there are so many cardiovascular health foods, we are not confined in our options. First on the list would be whole foods. Cleaner and less processed foods are excellent sources of nutrients that will help your digestion and gut. Whole foods fuel your body to run a robust cardiovascular system. Ensure you are adding a good amount of whole foods to your diet. Limit your unhealthy fats, sugars, and sodium intake and control your portion size. If you are struggling with limiting your portion size and cravings for sugar, we encourage you to explore our Full Body Reset: Cleanse Bundle.

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Best Exercises For The Heart

There are many cardiovascular health exercises. They come in different variances, but the foundation of the activities is the same. Heart-healthy exercises must be low-impact and longer-term. They should be aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises are great for the heart and lungs. These particular types of workouts increase your blood flow and oxygen. You can determine the key to better health if you commit to doing some of the following:

  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Pedaling
  • Yoga
  • Resistance training

Beyond The Barr is committed to helping you redefine your peak – naturally. We empower individuals worldwide to embrace optimal well-being through quality supplements, personalized health coaching, and innovative workplace enrichment solutions.

Getting what you need daily by eating the best foods will help you stay healthy. Consider supplementation if you struggle to add beneficial foods to your meal regime. Our products are sourced to include more than the daily recommended value for vitamins, minerals, and more.

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